About Anmol Sitare

About Anmol Sitare

This foundation will work towards the bond between children and their toy.

Toys represent joy and happiness in children. It also gives them companionship, inspiration is also one of it’s benefits !

Every child is fascinated and more a need based requirement. The toy fulfils lot of spaces in a child’s life. It has nothing to do with the financial space of the family. It has a special place in every child’s life. It’s like a comfort zone for them.

Some of the kids even imaginary friends and a toy always help in filling that space. We all as a child had a special toy.

Our foundation represent the joy toy in every child’s life.

In order to fulfil our goals as a foundation

We would like to encourage our local artisans and toy makers which would provide with their works. We would like to write the local indegenous toy makers in the country encourage them in their innovation and creations in turn helping their income.

We would organise camps and puppet shows for kids of all states. We would also organise toy exhibition where local artisans of the particular city can come and show their talents.

We would also open a website where these people can sell their toys and make their living good. We will encourage and by create employment for the local artisans. We would also help them with little finance to increase their volume.

We would also take donations from individuals and companies sponsorship the artisans distribution of toys. Organising puppet shows and toy cards. Cardboard houses, cardboard doll houses.

Generation of self employment.   

Sense of responsibility.

Care given concept.

Encourage our children to take care of their toys and not take them for granted.

Visit hotspots – children ward & distribute toys.

Orphanages – distribute toys, sponsor children for studies.